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No one has all the answers, but one’s answers can be consistent

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Recently, I wrote about “theological pretzels.”

Many Christians tie themselves up in knots trying to rationalize the logical inconsistencies internal to their own beliefs. That is, their beliefs don’t make sense with each other despite their best efforts.

Does Open and Relational Theism make sense?

For instance, many conservative Christians…

“Biden’s Bad Year” is ignorant of its irony

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Missouri Representative Jason Smith (R) signs you up for his email newsletter when you email his office.

Which is good and bad.

It’s good because you get a front row seat to an ardent right-wing politician’s bizarre disconnect from reality.

And it’s bad because you’re bombarded by an ardent right-wing…

A satirical roundtable discussion

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The conservative Heritage Foundation got more than it bargained for at a recent roundtable discussion, “Honoring the Founding,” with some of the key “Founding Fathers” of the United States.

The event organizers at Heritage expected the Founders to celebrate their achievements in the Constitution, but those same Founders preferred to…

Not as tasty as they sound

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What’s a “theological pretzel,” you ask?

It’s when you twist your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs about religion and spirituality into a self-contradictory mess.

How do you know you’ve twisted yourself into a pretzel? Your thinking loses internal logical consistency.

“We’re saved by grace, not good works! Now follow these rules…

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