I respectfully disagree with the moral equivalence you imply. As MLK said, we must condemn violence and the conditions that give rise to violence with equal vigor. BLM protests that led to violence reacted to systemic racism, lack of accountability for police, and heavy-handed police responses to peaceful protests. The Capitol Rioters reacted to a false belief that they and their savior were robbed of an election. The violence, which I don't support in any case, isn't equivalent morally. Regardless, the violence associated with a small minority of BLM protests did not "lead others to do the same thing." Like "It was actually Antifa," that line of argument smacks of blaming others. Lastly, I think most Black and brown Americans would chuckle at the assertion that "We" ever agreed to be non-violent. Numerous anti-Black race riots, thousands of lynchings, and cops getting paid leave after shooting unarmed Black people all belie that claim.

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