This question on the new citizenship test is both racist and sexist.

As you may have heard, the Trump administration updated the US citizenship test that immigrants must pass to become naturalized citizens.

Now, there are 20 questions instead of 10, and applicants must answer 12 correctly. That might seem easy, but several of the new questions include complex wording and nuances.

At least one question, for instance, has two correct answers and manages to express both racism and sexism.

I chose Clara Barton because I’m good at reading test-makers’ minds, but 30% of the 1747 people who answered the poll thought Sojourner Truth correct.

I can’t blame them. Clara Barton and Sojourner Truth both led the women’s rights movement of the 1800s. Truth even gave a famous speech titled, “Ain’t I a Woman?” that argued for equal rights since she could do, and had done, anything a man could do.

To pigeonhole Truth into the anti-slavery struggle alone is to convey racism and sexism at the same time while also tripping up people who have invested far more into their citizenship than most Americans.

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